The new version of the KneeGuardKids4 car footrest – what does it offer?

kneeguardkids4 car seat footrest

The most advanced, awarded in competitions, give your child complete comfort and safety. The new KneeGuardKids4 footrest is worth exploring and trying out on your upcoming trips. How does it differ from the previous model? How does it affect the safety and comfort of the youngest passengers? Find out in our article. KneeGuardKids4 car seat […]

Pre-Christmas cleaning in your little one’s room – start earlier this year

cleaning in your little one's room

The time before Christmas for many of us is associated with preparing sweets, planning Christmas Eve dishes, looking for presents, and tidying up. Although it’s an unpleasant duty for many, appropriately done can bring a lot of satisfaction and make everyday life easier. So this year, why not start them earlier? With our tips, you […]

Baby’s first autumn cold – how to recover quickly?


Autumn is the time of year that most parents associate not only with beautiful colours and chestnut collecting during walks but also with persistent infections in their children. The changeable weather, frequent contact with a group of peers, and, as a result, a greater chance of infection mean that little ones with as yet undeveloped […]

Take care of your child’s healthy spine

healthy spine

Curvature and illness of the spine are problems that bother many people in their old age and begin in childhood. Bad posture, hours spent sitting, heavy backpacks – these all contribute to problems with the posture and, consequently, the spine itself. Can they be prevented? What steps should be taken now? Read more about it […]

What should you do if your child doesn’t want to travel by car?

Safety when traveling with baby

Do you dread the thought of a car journey instead of contentment and curiosity? Every trip you make is marked by tears, stress and bad moods of all family members? What can you do if your child does not like driving? Is it possible to persuade them to do so? Please read some of our […]

KneeGuardKids car footrest – a lifesaver for children’s numb legs

Correct body posture with KneeGuardKidsitting in the car seat.

Have you ever wondered what position your child adopts while driving? Long journeys make the youngest passengers squirm, trying to get comfortable. But are they safe in any position? Why are so many children uncomfortable during car journeys? Does it have anything to do with the car seat? We will try to answer all these […]

Safety on the road – check what you should have in your car

safety on the road with KneeGuardKids

If you are a careful driver and often travel with your loved ones, you probably want to ensure maximum safety. So, you drive according to the regulations, make sure that all passengers are fastened to their seat belts, and regularly check the technical condition of your vehicle. But are you sure you have all the […]

Children’s leg numbness – get rid of the problem with KneeGuardKids!

car seat footrest for kids

Is your child often restless in the car? Or maybe they cross their legs in the car seat or put them on the driver’s or passenger’s seat? If so, this could be caused by a feeling of numbness and tingling in the lower limbs. How can these problems be eliminated? We will discuss this further […]

Travelling with a child – how to prepare for it?

travelling with a toddler

Travelling educates. This statement is indisputable. However, a trip with a small child requires appropriate preparation so that everyone can enjoy the moments spent together. So, how to prepare for a trip with a little child? Find out the 5 key rules! 1.    Choose the right destination What are your child’s interests? Animals, swimming, nature? […]