Safety on the road – check what you should have in your car

safety on the road with KneeGuardKids

If you are a careful driver and often travel with your loved ones, you probably want to ensure maximum safety. So, you drive according to the regulations, make sure that all passengers are fastened to their seat belts, and regularly check the technical condition of your vehicle. But are you sure you have all the necessary items in your car? Read on to find out what you should not forget when preparing for a long or short trip.

First-aid kit, high-visibility waistcoat, fire extinguisher and warning triangle – essential car equipment

A fire extinguisher and a warning triangle are extremely useful pieces of car equipment. This will be useful if you have a breakdown or an accident. The recommended items of car equipment also include a reflective waistcoat, a towing rope, spare bulbs and a wheel, starter cables and a basic set of tools which will make it possible, for example, to replace a broken tyre. A first aid kit is also part of the essential car equipment. This should include bandages, gloves, a mouthpiece for artificial respiration and a thermal blanket. If you are travelling to another country, be aware that the list of necessary car accessories may differ in many countries. Familiarise yourself with the regulations before you leave.

What else can you not forget?

If you have a tiny traveller on board, make sure you have an attested child car seat. A car seat that is suitable for the age, weight and height of the child will not only ensure comfort when travelling by car but also safety and protection in dangerous situations such as sudden braking or collisions. Before leaving for a journey, ensure the child has properly fastened seat belts, and the car seat is adjusted to its needs. This particularly applies to the height of the head restraint.

KneeGuardKids car seat footrest – ensure your child’s posture is correct!

Correct posture during car travel is not only a guarantee of comfort but also of safety and health. So, remember to make sure your passengers have their backs against the seat backrest and their legs supported by the floor.

In the case of the youngest passengers, it can be challenging to maintain this position. Their limbs are too short and therefore dangle loosely, causing discomfort, tingling and even numbness. Then children unconsciously start looking for relief, and they wrestle their legs against the driver’s seat or side door.

Instal the KneeGuardKids car seat footrest to your vehicle to help your child maintain the correct position. Even in the event of sudden braking or a collision, your child’s safety will be increased considerably.

Remember that you are responsible for the lives of everyone travelling with you as a driver. Therefore, it is worth preparing for a trip – whether short or long – to ensure that your car is equipped with all the necessary items, such as a first-aid kit or a warning triangle. As a result, your passengers are safe and travel in comfort.

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