The new version of the KneeGuardKids4 car footrest – what does it offer?

kneeguardkids4 car seat footrest

The most advanced, awarded in competitions, give your child complete comfort and safety. The new KneeGuardKids4 footrest is worth exploring and trying out on your upcoming trips. How does it differ from the previous model? How does it affect the safety and comfort of the youngest passengers? Find out in our article.

KneeGuardKids4 car seat footrest – basic information

Before going into this particular model’s improvements, it is worth knowing some basic information about the car seat footrest. Its purpose is to give support to the child’s legs. This allows the young traveller to maintain the correct posture while riding in the car, affecting both comfort and safety.

The KneeGuardKids4 car footrest was subjected to crash tests. During a car accident simulation, not only was the resistance and stability of the footrest tested, but above all, its actual impact on the protection of the young passenger.

The simulation proved that a car seat footrest that remains in place even during an accident allows the child to maintain the correct posture. And thanks to this, the car seat can function correctly during a collision.

The bottom plate is an essential improvement in the latest model of the KneeGuardKids4 car seat footrest, which offers even more excellent stability than in previous editions. In addition, this sizable element rests on the floor, guaranteeing the proper positioning of the car footrest.

Improved adjustment of the KneeGuardKids car footrest

A more comprehensive adjustment range is a significant improvement introduced in the latest edition of the KneeGuardKids4 car footrest. In addition, this year’s model, awarded at the Concept & Innovation Baby Products Association and Kind+Jugend competitions, features a taller bracket. Measuring more than 50 cm allows the KneeGuardKids4 car footrest to be used in SUVs.

This feature also affects the child’s ability to use the footrest for longer. Ten-year-old passengers can successfully use the latest model of the KneeGuardKids car footrest.

The possibility of adjusting the footrest angle, reaching up to 135 degrees, is another solution that contributes to the comfort and safety of the youngest travellers. In the new model of the car footrest, the two switches have been replaced by a very easy-to-use lever. Thanks to its location under the platform on which the child rests their feet, the mechanism is protected from dirt. Moreover, the child is not tempted to edit the possible adjustment range or change the setting while driving.

New design of KneeGuardKids car footrests

The KneeGuardKids4 car footrest has also undergone a metamorphosis in appearance. Following the latest trends, the shapes of the individual elements of the car footrest have changed. In addition, this year’s model has a glossy coating on all elements, and the colour itself is slightly darker and more saturated. As a result, each car’s seat footrest becomes a functional element, supporting the safety and comfort of the children travelling and enhancing the aesthetic value.

If you are still considering buying the latest model of the KneeGuardKids4 car seat footrest and your child complains during long journeys, it’s time to change. When you buy a KneeGuardKids car footrest, you are guaranteed to enjoy comfort and safety for many years to come.

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