Pre-Christmas cleaning in your little one’s room – start earlier this year

cleaning in your little one's room

The time before Christmas for many of us is associated with preparing sweets, planning Christmas Eve dishes, looking for presents, and tidying up. Although it’s an unpleasant duty for many, appropriately done can bring a lot of satisfaction and make everyday life easier. So this year, why not start them earlier? With our tips, you can quickly tidy up the essential things for your child while finding gift inspiration and boosting your household budget. So please read our article and start preparing as early as November.

The first item on the list – is your child’s wardrobe

Clothes that don’t quite fit anymore, beloved sweatshirts with characters that are unrecognisable by their scuffs, and sets that were meant for a special occasion but are not liked by the little one – we all have things in our wardrobe that it’s high time to remove from it. Pull the whole thing out and check what’s hiding in the children’s dressers. Sort the clothes into several piles. Let the first pile be the worn and damaged ones. On the second pile, put the clothes that are too small, and on the third one, the clothes that are in good condition but the child doesn’t wear them.

In the next step, see if the clothes in the first group can be repaired. If yes, they are still worth using. If not, find out where you can throw them away to be recycled. But what to do with the good stuff? List them on popular sales sites. You’ll get some money back and the items back to the owners who will use them.

Don’t forget the seat, KneeGuardKids footrest, and bike helmets

It’s also worth putting things on your list of things to sort through that you should be going through but continually forget about. Unfortunately, these are often the items that make a real difference to a little one’s safety. For example, a bicycle helmet, a KneeGuardKids car footrest, or a car seat are worth checking for possible wear and tear and the right size fit. Most of these are adjustable, so take care of it right away. And if you need to replace any of them, it’s a good idea for a practical gift under the Christmas tree that you can give to someone in the family.

Toys, books, and art supplies – go through them together

One of the more difficult parts of tidying up is going through the toys and children’s utensils. However, it can be an excellent opportunity for a significant learning experience for your youngster. Start the clean-up together. Check which toys are no longer being used, and find out together which books have already been read many times and which artistic passions the toddler doesn’t want to continue any time soon. You can put things away for later, but if you assess that they are of no use to your little one, this is an excellent opportunity to teach your child to share. Items that are new and in good condition can be donated to people in need. The run-up to Christmas makes it easy to find a collection.

This year, start cleaning earlier and enjoy the cleanliness and, if you’re lucky, the extra income. Instead, leave the last moments of December for family celebrations.

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