Take care of your child’s healthy spine

healthy spine

Curvature and illness of the spine are problems that bother many people in their old age and begin in childhood. Bad posture, hours spent sitting, heavy backpacks – these all contribute to problems with the posture and, consequently, the spine itself. Can they be prevented? What steps should be taken now? Read more about it in our article.

Take care of the fundamental physical activity

The first step to a healthy spine is strengthening the muscles, allowing you to maintain the correct position. A number of sports and activities also have a positive effect on the back. A popular and easily accessible one is, of course, swimming. It is worth enrolling your child in classes at a swimming school so that they master the correct technique and styles. Only in this way will they fully reap the benefits of practising this sport.

Suppose your child is of school or kindergarten age. In that case, it is worth motivating them to participate in corrective gymnastics or physical education classes. Experienced teachers prepare a programme that adequately supports the development of the youngest.

Replace the chair and add a KneeGuardKids footrest

In addition to keeping your child active regularly, you should ensure that the entire environment supports the spine. It’s worth investing in the right chair and keeping ergonomics in mind. Sometimes poor lighting or the placement of things in the child’s workspace contribute to incorrect posture. It’s worth taking a trip to the shop with your child, and once you’ve bought the furniture, take a moment to adjust each piece – from the backrest to the handles.

Another critical point to take care of is the correct driving posture. To help your child maintain this, it is a good idea to add the KneeGuardKids car seat footrest to the classic seat. The correct position of the legs allows your baby to lean back and sit straight, even on a long journey. To ensure you have the proper posture, check from time to time to see if you need to change the height of the car footrest.

Watch out for good habits

Point out to your youngster at times when they are hunching or curving their back. Remind your child how important it is to sit up straight. When playing on the carpet or the floor, encourage them to sit cross-legged or in a position where the child remains upright.

The start of school or the first trips to nursery school is also the time when your child starts to carry a backpack. Choose the right shape and adjust the straps to the child’s height. And don’t forget to talk about how to wear it properly. If it is thrown over one shoulder, it will strain the child’s spine. It is equally important not to overload the infant. Ensure that only the essentials are in the backpack and their weight is not too high.

Following these rules, you can adequately care for your child’s spine. But what if your little one already seems to have scoliosis or other problems? It is advisable to consult a specialist who will advise you on the next steps. The earlier you start treatment, the easier it will be to achieve the desired results. 

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