Child holidays – what can’t you forget when packing your little one for a trip?

holidays with kids

Holidays are, for almost everyone, a time of rest, short and long journeys. It is also a time when many children have the opportunity to visit their relatives and spend time with rarely seen family members, friends from kindergarten or other important people. If exciting days away from home await your child, read on to find out what to pack for such an outing. 

Things not to be missing from a child’s suitcase

When starting to pack, consider what activities are planned for your child’s stay. For example, if the kid is going to the countryside or to areas that are good for walking, prepare comfortable clothes that will allow them to fully enjoy the walks. Likewise, if your child is going on an exciting visit to a swimming pool or a nearby lake – don’t forget the swimsuit and swimming accessories.

Equally important are comfortable pyjamas and a few changes of underwear. In your child’s suitcase, you’ll need versatile items such as t-shirts or blouses, which are easy to get dirty and take up little space. And don’t forget a handy backpack your child can take with them everywhere.

Also, consider your child’s unique needs. For example, perhaps their skin needs special care with specific cosmetics. These should also be added to the suitcase. As well as less famous but used by your child medicines.

Ready for a trip – pack a car seat and a KneeGuardKids footrest

Adding car accessories to your child’s kit is also a good idea. They will be indispensable and allow you to keep your child safe even during a trip in the near surroundings. For example, a car seat, appropriately adjusted to the child’s height and weight and a footrest will guarantee protection and comfort. In addition, both the car seat and the KneeGuardKids car seat footrest can be easily removed and transferred from your car to another vehicle.

In addition, don’t forget that holiday weather can be changeable and fickle. That’s why preparing your child for any eventuality is a good idea. If the weather is hot, pack a cream with a high enough sunscreen and a hat to protect the child from the harmful effects of exposure to the sun. For rainy weather, prepare a coat and wellingtons, thanks to which they will still be able to play outside.

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