Why should a child have their feet supported on the footrest when sitting in the car seat?

Correct body posture with KneeGuardKidsitting in the car seat.

Summer is the time of year to travel. Regardless of whether you decide to travel within the country or a trip abroad, properly prepare the car with which you will go. If you travel with a child, you should definitely remember about an approved car seat adapted to the age, weight and height of your child. And don’t forget the KneeGuardKids footrest. How can it help the child? Why is foot support so important?

Take care of your child’s correct body posture with KneeGuardKids

Legs resting on the front seat or curled up – these are just two positions that children often take when driving a car. Having no support for their legs, they look for solutions that will keep them comfortable.

Probably every day you pay attention to the basis of your child. Also, when traveling by car, make sure that your child sits upright with his back against the seat. The lack of a car footrest makes children feel uncomfortable, they seek support for their feet and place the body in an unnatural position. Then the toddler’s spine suffers. The lack of a footrest also leads to the head slouching and drooping. Dropping it may result in dissection of the carotid arteries.

These aren’t the only problems that arise from sitting incorrectly. Poor blood and lymph circulation are factors that may even result in the appearance of varicose veins in the future. The first effects will be visible already during the trip – suffering legs and back pain. A footrest eliminates each of these ailments.

Correct body posture with KneeGuardKids – guarantee of protection in the event of an accident

Daily care for the child’s health and good posture is just one of the arguments in favor of using the KneeGuardKids footrest. However, even more important is the issue of safety in the event of an accident.

Even a slight collision, if the child does not sit in the correct position, may have serious consequences. By leaning on the front seat with the legs, your toddler is at risk of limb damage, as well as serious problems with the pelvis and hips.

Head protection is equally important. This can only be provided by the headrest when the child is seated correctly. It is important that the child’s back rests against the seat and that the head itself remains within this protected area. By supporting your feet on the footrest, your baby will assume the correct posture almost automatically.

KneeGuardKids footrest – a solution not only for long, holiday trips

Preparing for a holiday trip is the perfect time to buy a car footrest. Thanks to it, the child will not complain about discomfort, and we will avoid too frequent, forced stops. However, it is also a solution that will work every day. Taking care of the toddler’s safety and comfort is equally important even during short trips, everyday travel to kindergarten or school, and visiting family.

Buying a KneeGuardKids car footrest is an investment in the safety, health and comfort of your child. Easy assembly allows you to use it even if you change the car model. Thanks to the height adjustment, you can also be sure that you will adjust it to the current height of the toddler. There is a reason why this product won the National Parenting Product Awards. Knowing all these arguments, complete your inventory with a footrest before you go on vacation. Then you can enjoy a joint trip.

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