3 ways to make travel safer

3 ways to make travel safer

Moving around in your car is the fastest and most convenient method of transport. Whether taking a long holiday trip or planning shorter daily journeys, safety always comes first. What can you do to further protect yourself and your passengers while on the road? Here are three simple and effective ways to make you feel even more secure in your car.

Remember the correct driving position

Did you know that the correct positioning of the driver’s seat determines how quickly the driver reacts to events on the road? Just the wrong positioning of the hands on the steering wheel can take away vital seconds that cannot be underestimated in an emergency on the road. In addition, poor positioning, which strains the musculoskeletal system, can lead to long-term injuries- such as back and knee pain – negatively affecting the driver’s concentration level.

Keep your passengers safe

In addition to the driver, there are also passengers in the car for whom the driver takes responsibility. In addition to the obligatory reminder to fasten seat belts, the safe driving position also applies here.

Adult passengers can adjust their seats and head restraints so that their body position allows for a comfortable journey. The situation is slightly different for children. Of course, the road traffic regulations clearly specify under which conditions the youngest passengers can be transported. However, a child seat or cradle alone will not guarantee that a child can be fully stabilised.

Equally important is proper foot support. In an attempt to reduce the muscular tension in the loosely hanging legs, the child becomes restless and fidgety, constantly assuming a different position from that taken by the seat manufacturer in the safety tests.

The KneeGuardKids car seat footrest comes to the rescue, acting as a foot rest and reducing unpleasant tensions. It helps maintain the stable position that is so important for the safety of toddlers.

Focus and concentration

The effectiveness and speed of the driver’s reaction largely depend on their concentration level. In addition to factors such as the comfort of the driving conditions or the psycho-physical form of the driver, distractors, i.e. all external stimuli that distract the driver’s attention, are another variable affecting it.

Among the most common of these, we can include the mobile phone. In today’s dynamic times, it is virtually impossible to imagine functioning without contacting loved ones or missing an urgent call from work. A hands-free system should be used to do this as safely as possible. Most new cars are equipped with one. You have to set it up before you travel. You can choose between a Bluetooth headset or a hands-free kit with older cars. It is also essential to equip your vehicle with a phone holder to solve the problem of busy hands. The same principle applies to navigation. It must be placed in a stable holder that can withstand shocks even during sudden manoeuvres.

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