KneeGuardKids 3 Car seat footrest

KneeGuard Kids 3 is a footrest designed for children travelling in forward-facing car seats which optimally increases kids’ comfort by providing stable and solid support for their feet. The footrest can be installed in any car.


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Stop Dangling Legs In The Car

The KneeGuardKids 3 footrest is the perfect companion for car journeys with children which are transported in forward-facing car seats. It provides comfort for kids whose feet do not reach the floor of the car yet, giving them a chance to fully relieve their legs. In addition, its important function is to increase safety. Long-lasting pressure on the legs resulting from resting the legs on the edge of the seat may lead to problems with blood and lymph circulation, it causes pins and needles and often also pain.


The KneeGuardKids footrest grows with your child!

Thanks to the wide range of height (38 cm) and angle adjustment (140 degrees), the footrest is suitable for children from 2 to 9 years old. The footrest can be attached both to vehicles with and without the ISOFIX system.

We invite you to see the video instruction we have prepared, which includes assembly details.


KneeGuardKids 3 – Car seat footrest is tested & completely safe!

KneeGuardKids passed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No.213 ‘Child Restraint System’ by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US. You can see the crash test below.

Additional information

Children age

From 2 to 9 years old (weight less than 30 kg)

Adjustment range

38 cm of height and angle of inclination – 140 degrees

Product weight

1.2 kg


36.7 cm


21.5 cm



In the set

a footrest in an elegant package, instructions for assembly and use

19 reviews for KneeGuardKids 3 Car seat footrest

  1. Alonso

    That’s great! Keeps my kid comfortable and safe!

  2. Mia

    We bought this for our 4-year old who has arthritis, and struggles with painful knees, particularly on long car rides when her legs just dangle. This foot rest has been wonderful for her. She easily rests her feet, and doesn’t have discomfort in her legs like she used to! I definitely recommend it.

  3. John

    My daughter really appreciates having this. It makes long rides particularly more comfortable for her.

  4. Diana

    Any adult knows how uncomfortable it is to sit on a seat where your feet are not resting on the floor. When your child is no longer a toddler and his legs are heavy it becomes a problem especially on longer journey. It works perfectly.

  5. Richard

    Love this! It’s easy for my daughter to step into her car seat. Highly recommended! It’s so useful.

  6. Mirjam

    I was shocked to find that this is not a common product. Any adult knows how uncomfortable it is to sit on a seat where your feet are not resting on the floor.

  7. Paul

    A great addition to save their legs from just dangling, and more comfortable too.

  8. Pat

    Love this! It’s easy for my daughter to step into her car seat. Highly recommended! It’s so useful.

  9. Kristy

    Amazing how my 6yo little legs can rest in long&short journeys, no more pains or numbness.

  10. Jasmine

    What a brilliant idea! My son loves it.

  11. Peter

    This footrest really helps my son to feel happy in our car. No pins and needles. Awesome

  12. Brad

    It works very good. My daughter is very happy with supported legs.

  13. Doris

    What a brilliant idea! I haven’t noticed it before. KneeGuardKids ought to be add to every high back booster seat.

  14. Sam

    It really works great. My 5yo daughter doesn’t feel pins and needles. I recommend it to all parents.

  15. Heather

    My child is very happy to have this footrest in the car. Finally without kicking in my back 🙂 KneeGuardKids is amazing.

    • kneeguardkids

      We’re happy you think so.

  16. Emma

    This footest is awesome and really helps my 4 yo son. He likes the Knee Guard Kids very much!

    • kneeguardkids

      How nice of you to notice.

  17. James Bell (verified owner)

    A Well made and presented product. Instructions and clear and precise. My son now sits in his seat without complaint and no longer feels the need to place his hands under the backs of his knees to elevate the pressure. An honest Thank you for providing a well made solution, this problem is no longer a concern and my son is much happier on those longer journey’s. 👍 A*

    • kneeguardkids

      Thanks. We’re glad you enjoyed it.

  18. Linda

    fabulous solution! Knee Guard Kids is a necessary product for older children

    • KneeGuardKids

      Thank you, we really appreciate you for taking the time to express that!

  19. Lauren

    It’s a great product!

    • kneeguardkids

      How nice of you to say that.

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KneeGuardKids - Car seat footrest