Why should a child’s legs be supported on the footrest when they sit in a car seat?

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When travelling by car, concern for the comfort and safety of passengers becomes crucial. We need to be aware that children often adopt an inappropriate body position in a car seat, which, in an emergency situation on the road, can adversely affect their health. How can this be remedied? How can the KneeGuardKids car footrest help your child? Why is foot support so important? You can read about this in the article.

KneeGuardKids car seat footrest – keep your child in good posture

Feet resting on the front seat or cramped are just two positions children often adopt when driving in the car. They seek solutions to make them feel comfortable without support for their legs.

You probably pay attention to the base of your child’s body daily. Also, when travelling in the car, ensure your child sits up straight with their back against the seat. The lack of a car footrest makes children uncomfortable; they seek support for their feet and arrange their bodies in an unnatural position. The little one’s back then suffers. The lack of a car seat footrest also leads to slouching and drooping of the head. Head down can result in carotid artery dissection.

These are not the only problems that result from incorrect sitting. Poor blood and lymph circulation may even result in varicose veins in the future. The first effects will already be visible when travelling – suffering legs and back pain. A footrest eliminates each of these ailments.

Correct posture – a guarantee of protection in the event of an accident

Daily care for your child’s health and good posture is just one argument for using the KneeGuardKids car seat footrest. But even more important is the question of safety in the event of a possible accident.

Even a slight collision, if the child is not seated in the correct position, can be dangerous in its consequences. Clasping their feet against the front seat leaves the child at risk of limb damage, as well as severe pelvic and hip problems.

Equally important is head protection. The headrest can only provide this if the child is sitting correctly. The child’s back must be against the seat, and the head must remain in the mentioned protected area. The child will almost automatically assume the correct posture by supporting the feet on the footrest.

KneeGuardKids footrest – not only for long holiday trips

When preparing for a family trip, now is the perfect time to buy a car footrest. This prevents your child from complaining about discomfort and avoids making too many unnecessary stops over long distances. However, it is also a solution that will work every day. Caring for the safety and comfort of the little one is just as important, even during short trips, the daily commute to kindergarten or school and visits to the family.

Buying the KneeGuardKids car footrest is an investment in your child’s safety, health and comfort. The easy assembly makes using it possible even when changing car models. Thanks to the height adjustment, you can adapt it to your little one’s current height. There is a reason why this product won the National Parenting Product Awards. Knowing all these arguments, complete your equipment with a footrest before starting your journey. Then you can enjoy your trip together.

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