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travelling with children

Looking after the safety and comfort of a child can be a real challenge – and it becomes even more so when you have to look after not one but two charges. What to take care of and how to prepare for a journey? We have a few tips to help you make sure the trip is safe, and your little ones arrive at their destination in great spirits. 

Firstly, safety. Choose the right KneeGuardKids child seats and car footrests

Let’s start with the most important thing: safety. Take care of the basics, i.e. the rear door lock. This option ensures that only the person outside the vehicle can open it. This ensures that a little one playing with the buttons will stay supervised.

A child seat is also required by law. Its size should be selected according to the child’s age and weight. However, it is worth remembering that in a collision or a severe accident, the seat can only fully protect the child passenger when the child is in the correct position. One way to maintain this position is to use the KneeGuardKids car footrest. Giving support to the legs allows the child to maintain the proper posture.

Each child travelling can be given their own KneeGuardKids car seat footrest – they fit easily into the vehicle’s rear. Importantly, by adjusting the height, the footrest will do the job for both the older and younger of the two travellers.

Comfort is essential – take care of each child

Just as important as safety is simply the comfort of the little ones. The KneeGuardKids mentioned above car footrest will help you take care of it. When positioned correctly, the legs will not suffer, causing discomfort. Just remember one thing – adjust the height to suit your children’s height and regularly check that the car seat footrest is at the proper level. After all, you know that kids grow very quickly.

Take care of your children’s needs – some like looking out the window, others are susceptible to excessive heat and sunlight. Consider creating permanent spots for each child and adjust them according to their needs. A small thing like a screen on one of the windows can make a big difference to the comfort of the journey. Also, pack snacks and drinks. Consider each child’s preference, but remember that siblings always have the tastiest meals. Have two items of each product with you.

Is journey time a moment for fun?

Hours spent in the car can be difficult for toddlers – on the one hand, siblings can play with each other. Still, they can also support each other’s bad behaviour when boredom creeps into the journey. What to do then?

Audiobooks are a good solution – but remember to adapt them to the listeners’ preferences. Consider an audio version of their favourite fairy tale if there is a more significant age gap between the little ones. A long journey is only sometimes a good time to explore new stories.

If you want the children to have toys with them, make sure they are not dangerous for the younger ones. When driving in the car, you won’t have the opportunity to protect a curious toddler from swallowing an item from an older child’s toy.

You will plan a good trip for your group by following these tips. You’ll also be sure that each child is appropriately looked after.

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