Little traveller’s equipment – what should I prepare for my child before a trip?

Little traveller's equipment

Are you going on a trip, big or small? Are you planning a spring trip? When preparing for a trip, you must remember the youngest traveller. A backpack, drinks, as well as a seat and footrest for KneeGuardKids cars are things that should be on the “to take” list for every trip. See our article for more information on preparing them before hitting the road.

First of all, choose a backpack that suits the child’s ability

When preparing a backpack for the family’s youngest member, it is worth focusing on practical aspects. Try on different sizes and check the layout of the pockets inside the backpack. The zippered ones will make it easier to keep everything tidy during a trip. Also, adjust the shoulder straps to the child’s height. It is a good idea to check the positioning of the braces before setting off on a trip; their appropriate length will also depend on how the child is dressed.

When packing a rucksack, check that it is not too heavy. Sometimes, a little reorganisation of the luggage can go a long way, and the toddler will be happy to traverse the route when they don’t have to carry a weight beyond the child’s strength. 

Take care of drinks and food containers

If you are planning a longer outing, remember to prepare a water bottle for your child. Bringing your own drink is not only more environmentally friendly but also allows you to match the cup to your child’s needs. 

When planning provisions, make sure you pack appropriately. This will avoid unpleasant adventures with dirty luggage and make it easier for your child to eat their meal. Many lunch containers come with plastic cutlery, which can be helpful during the break. Remember to add wet wipes to this kit. With these, you will care for your hygiene, whatever the conditions. 

Don’t forget to bring your car seat and KneeGuardKids footrest into the car

If your backpack is already packed, it’s time to prepare the vehicle you will be setting off in. Start with the base, which is the seat. Make sure it is sized appropriately for your child’s height and weight. Next, prepare the KneeGuardKids car footrest – it will allow your little one to travel comfortably. Your child will rest their feet on the car footrest, so there will be no numbness even on a long journey. The correct posture, which the KneeGuardKids car footrest allows you to maintain, will also avoid back pain. 

The combination of the car seat and footrest also positively affects safety – with the toddler’s correct posture, the car seat can provide protection should an accident occur.

What else is worth bearing in mind before a trip?

When preparing for a trip, remember to bring warmer clothes and those for bad weather. Sometimes, a simple cape can be a real lifesaver if the weather conditions change. It is also a good idea to include plasters for shoe abrasions or minor cuts in the toddler’s equipment, and a parent can take a mini first aid kit with them. Finally, don’t forget one thing – great humour! Your outfit will not be complete without it. 

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