A footrest for the car seat – is it really needed?

Footrest - is it really needed

When completing a set for a little traveler, you probably wonder what things are absolutely necessary. Some of them, like the certified seat, are required by law, but some are the responsibility of the caregiver who makes decisions about the car’s equipment. Having a footrest for the car is a decision you can make on your own. But check if your child really needs it?

KneeGuardKids footrest – is it really needed and how can it help your child?

If you have not had a chance to check how a car footrest works in practice, find out what functions it performs. This easy-to-install accessory is designed to support toddler’s feet and help your child keep the legs in the correct position so that they don’t feel numb. You probably know the problems with digging in the front seat or complaining about discomfort. The car footrest will allow you to avoid them in the future!

Placing the child’s legs on the KneeGuardKids footrest also guarantees that the child will maintain the correct posture while driving. Why is it so important? The way your child sits has a huge impact on their safety, health and, of course, comfort. You can read about the importance of maintaining the correct body posture while travelling by car on our blog.

Footrest for the seat – a guarantee of health and comfort

However, you may have doubts whether the seat itself does not force the correct posture – after all, the child is fastened in it with belts, and the shape is adapted to the body of the youngest travelers. But consider how uncomfortable it is to keep your feet in the air. This unnatural posture causes toddler legs to suffer and may cause circulation problems in the long run.

With only a car seat, you are not able to encourage your little one to maintain the correct posture. Even if the child at the beginning of the tour will sit straight in the seat, at some point discomfort will force him to change his position – the consequence of this will be a tilt of the entire figure, resting the legs against the front seat and the constant search for another, comfortable position.

Take care of your child’s safety with the KneeGuardKids footrest

If you rarely travel, you probably think that a car footrest is not the solution for you. However, it is worth remembering that the correct posture of your child is also a guarantee of his safety during the trip. Sharp braking or even a light collision in which your child feels an impact can result in serious hip and leg injuries. You can avoid this by choosing the KneeGuardKids footrest.

As you can see, a car footrest is a really needed solution. You can easily install it in your car, and in the event of its replacement – you can easily transfer it to another vehicle. You can also perfectly adjust the KneeGuardKids footrest to your child’s height. The wide adjustment scale of both the height of the footrest and the tilt angle of the platform makes the footrest grow with the child. If you care about the correct posture of your toddler on a daily basis, you care about his comfort and you want to always provide him with maximum safety – this solution is for you. Regardless of whether you are traveling short or longer distances.

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