3 myths about travelling with kids

most common myths about travelling with kids

Travelling with a child causes anxiety for many parents. Why? There are many reasons: distance, weather, packing, and the child’s age. We are often simply afraid of the unknown. Meanwhile, travel is an excellent source of knowledge and broadening of horizons! It is worth instilling this passion in our children from an early age. Today, we will introduce you to and debunk the three most common myths about travelling with children!

I won’t go because my child is too young

An expedition with a child seems like a challenging goal for many of us to achieve. The amount of things we need is overwhelming. If we can still travel by car, the problem of packing stuff from the “maybe we’ll need them too” list is somewhat solved. However, if we think of an organised trip, the problem is worse…

However, it is worth asking yourself one fundamental question in this situation. Does your child need that much stuff for those few days? Suppose we want an excellent time with our family away from home. In that case, we must carefully calculate what we need and minimise the amount of luggage.

Let’s also remember that it’s not the child’s age that is a barrier to travel, but our attitude. If you have concerns about travelling with toddlers, we recommend the blog Tasteaway where you can find lots of interesting information about travelling the world with children.

I won’t go because I’m sure my child will get sick

You can probably imagine that you are somewhere at the end of the world, your child suddenly feels worse and worse, and in this situation, you are only dependent on the help of a local quack.

Often, however, our perceptions are completely wrong. We have access to medical care both in Poland and abroad. The guarantee of your and your child’s well-being should be an insurance package and adequate preparation for the trip.

If we travel to exotic countries, it is a good idea to learn about compulsory vaccinations and commonly occurring diseases before we leave. In this way, we can take preventive measures and discover new corners of the world with peace of mind!

I won’t go because my child doesn’t like car travel

Many hours spent in the car are not pleasant, even for adults. However, by properly preparing the route and ensuring comfort inside the car, the time spent travelling to the destination passes smoothly.

Your child will undoubtedly be able to cope better with journeys of even a few hours if they do not associate them with boredom and discomfort. So prepare some ideas for exciting games – you will find inspiration on our blog.

Take care of comfort, too – a safe seat is not enough. A problem that often annoys the little ones is also loose dangling legs. Although it is sometimes difficult to find the answer to why our child is restless when travelling and frequently changes body position, the answer is relatively mundane.

Loosely dangling legs that do not reach the floor in the car cause children to feel uncomfortable and numb. They then push their legs up against the passenger or driver’s seat, crossing them. These are very dangerous situations! They can be eliminated by choosing the KneeGuardKids car footrest.

It is also a good idea to divide a longer journey into stages. Along the way, you are sure to find many places worth seeing!

We wish you nothing but interesting trips which will make memories even after many years. After all, family travel is not only an opportunity to discover new places and cultures but also to strengthen relationships.

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