Car gadgets to make travelling easier for the whole family

car gadgets

Sometimes a small thing makes a big difference – everyone who has tried their hand at DIY, cooking, or minor home improvements realises this. Smart gadgets save time and make everyday tasks easier. They can also make a car journey more enjoyable. So what accessories are worth considering if your family often uses this mode […]

Interview with an expert: Why are hanging legs in a car seat not good for a child’s health? What does a lack of foot support in a sitting position cause?

Alex Szlapa physiotherapist KneeGuardKdis

As a responsible parent who wants to ensure safe conditions for travelling by car, you often do an Internet research before choosing the best car seat for your child. You compare safety parameters, scope of protection, results of comparative tests and recommendations of other parents. Most often in articles or advertisements you see children smiling […]

Correct leg support for children in car seats – find out how to care for it

Supported legs on the footrest

Suppose you decide to buy an approved child car seat. In that case, you are certainly not only concerned about complying with the law, but above all, you care about your child’s safety and posture. As you probably know – if you don’t check the details, the effectiveness of the protection in a possible accident […]