What can you do to make a journey with your child pleasant, safe, and comfortable?

Safety when traveling with baby

It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing for a long journey or a short drive for a family holiday, to school, the shop, or the park. In each case, it is essential to remember the basic ABCs of transporting your child so that the car trip is safe and associated with comfort and a pleasant atmosphere. This really pays off. By following a few simple rules, you will eliminate the problem of whining and grimacing at the sight of the car once and for all. Below we have compiled some of the most valuable tips to help you enjoy your trips together.

The most important thing is safety when driving

Relaxation for you and your little one is only possible when you know nothing can endanger you. Your child must therefore be as well protected as possible. A well-fitting, approved child seat will help you do this. Talk to a retailer in a children’s shop, read up on the topic in forums, listen to other parents’ opinions, and look at specialist articles on crash tests.

Remember that choosing a car seat should be well thought out. Once you have selected the most suitable model, adapt it individually to the needs of your little passenger.

Also, make sure the seat belts are correctly tightened. Don’t overtighten them so your child’s movements are not restricted, and don’t leave too much slack to ensure your child’s safety in the event of a sudden stop. Also, check the position of the head restraint – only when properly positioned will it protect your child’s head and ensure that the belt is correctly guided through the shoulder ring.

Keep your child comfortable when travelling

A car seat is undoubtedly the best solution for safely transporting children. And if you equip it with a few gadgets, every journey will surely be pleasant.

For example, a special cushion cover can prevent chafing from seat belts. And you can say goodbye to unpleasant skin burns with the soft, breathable covers.

And what about your child’s posture? Are you aware of the strain when little feet lack solid support? It’s like sitting in a chair that’s too high and resting all your weight on your thighs.

This is highly uncomfortable and tiring, and dangerous for your joints! The solution is the KneeGuardKids footrest, compatible with all forward-facing seats. It improves the comfort and convenience of the car and relieves your child’s muscles and joints.

A pleasant atmosphere on car trips

Make sure the temperature in your car is comfortable for your child. Keep the vehicle cool and try to air it out before every trip. Also, have a few CDs of your child’s favourite music ready. There’s nothing nicer than humming along on a journey.

Think about audiobooks for older children too. You can also equip your car with unique front-seat bags with various zipped pockets for your child’s favourite games and toys.

Playing together during the journey

Even if you’re the driver, you can indulge in a few games together that don’t involve you significantly. Counting cars? Looking for a particular number in the number plates? How about making up a story together? Children love this kind of entertainment!

From now on, every trip – whether short or longer – will pass in a relaxed, safe, and comfortable atmosphere!

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