Travelling with a child – how to prepare for it?

travelling with a toddler

Travelling educates. This statement is indisputable. However, a trip with a small child requires appropriate preparation so that everyone can enjoy the moments spent together. So, how to prepare for a trip with a little child? Find out the 5 key rules!

1.    Choose the right destination

What are your child’s interests? Animals, swimming, nature? Where could you go so that both carers and children’s expectations are met? Where can you find child-friendly activities? Parents should ask these fundamental questions before deciding on a final destination.

2.    Plan stops and activities in the car

Are we close? When will we arrive? You probably know these questions very well from your own experience. To help your child cope better with a journey lasting several hours, dividing it into smaller parts is a good idea. You’re sure to find plenty of places to visit along the way. You can also give your tiny traveller a map with the trip’s route on it so that he can keep track of the location himself. If you’re going abroad, you can also spend time in the car learning some basic phrases in a foreign language. Being able to say “hello”, “goodbye”, and “thank you” will certainly come in handy.

3.    Inform your child about the trip

Preparing your child for the trip depends a lot on their age, personality and temperament, and family situation. How far in advance you let your children know about the trip also depends on how long the trip will last, and on their current emotional state.

In particular, kids have a very relative concept of time. So, if you are planning a trip for several days or more, you can share the information about your plans even a week beforehand. Then the children will get more information about the destination and pack their toys. Shorter trips can be announced a day or two before, building up the atmosphere and pointing out many attractions. Then the children’s attitude will be positive and the time spent together will be friendly and enjoyable.

4.    Ensure comfort and safety

Before you drive off, be sure to check the vehicle’s technical condition. Also, verify the car seat’s position and adjust it to your child’s current needs. It’s also a good idea to install the KneeGuardKids car seat footrest. It allows your child to rest his feet firmly. This will eliminate the problem of dangling legs and the feeling of numbness.

5.    Pack favourite toys

You can also make the journey more enjoyable for your child by taking along their favourite toys. But it’s essential to be assertive and choose toys that will fit in the car and won’t be a burden during your trip. And don’t forget books, audiobooks and CDs with your favourite songs.

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