Correct leg support for children in car seats – find out how to care for it

Supported legs on the footrest

Suppose you decide to buy an approved child car seat. In that case, you are certainly not only concerned about complying with the law, but above all, you care about your child’s safety and posture. As you probably know – if you don’t check the details, the effectiveness of the protection in a possible accident may be less. One crucial factor you need to pay attention to is the correct position of the toddler’s legs. Find out why it is so important and how to take care of it.

A few reasons why it is essential to position your child’s legs when travelling in the car

Inadequately secured legs can be broken, and hips seriously injured. This is the first and most important reason why you should take care to support your child’s legs. Another reason is, of course, comfort. Equally important, however, are the health aspects and potential future problems with the child’s veins or spine.

Ensure your child’s comfort – choose the proven KneeGuardKids footrest

When choosing a footrest, choose a proven solution. While it may seem like a suitcase, a case of water or any of the other things you have to take with you on a trip anyway will work perfectly, this solution can be dangerous. Think about what will happen to any of these solutions in the event of a possible accident or even hard braking. A seemingly good idea can be fatal. By saving on space and trying to gain comfort, you can, unfortunately, put the life and health of your child and other passengers at risk. Unsecured items left loose in a car behave like missiles in a collision situation. For this reason, they should be placed in the boot.

By choosing a professional car footrest, you can ensure that your child’s legs are perfectly supported

If, after all, you are considering a temporary or makeshift solution, there is one more aspect to consider. For a car seat to fulfil its primary function, it must be adjusted to the height and weight of your child. The same goes for the footrest in the car. If it is too low, placed too high, or its position is not adjusted over time, your child will not be able to adopt the correct posture. Adjustment is key when it comes to getting the proper use out of a car footrest. With the KneeGuardKids, you don’t have to worry – it’s a solution that adapts easily to any car. Easy installation and quick removal without damaging the vehicle are additional advantages of this car footrest. The smooth height and angle adjustment of the KneeGuardKids make it grow with your child! The earlier you buy it, the longer it will support your child.

As you can see, you can easily take care of such an important aspect as the correct position of your child’s legs in the car seat. Choose a professional car seat footrest designed precisely to protect your toddler and make it easier for the tiny traveller to adopt the correct posture. And thanks to the height adjustment – taking care of it will be easy for a long time.

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