5 ways to increase safety when travelling with children

Safety when traveling with baby

Holidays are the time of family trips and travel with kids. You are probably already planning what places you will see soon and how you will spend your time during well-deserved holidays. Before you set off, however, think about how to ensure the safety of all participants in the trip. Check out some of our tips, find out what the car must not miss. After using them, you will be able to enjoy a safe rest with your loved ones.

First of all – check the technical condition of your car

Before you think about the equipment and take care of the safety and comfort of each passenger, check the technical condition of the vehicle you are going on vacation. Even if there is still a lot of time to be inspected, take the car to a diagnostic station. It is worth being sure that the vehicle will not let you down in any situation. Also make sure what the possibility of using roadside assistance or repairs in the places you are going to looks like. This is especially important when you are traveling with children. Each stoppage on the road is not only stressful, but also unnecessary costs.

Take care of the car’s equipment – first aid kit, car seat, KneeGuardKids footrest


A first aid kit, a set of basic tools, and finally an approved car seat and footrest – these are the things you should have with you when you start your journey. Check that you have them all, verify that they are in good condition. Check if the first aid kit needs to be refilled and the KneeGuardKids car footrest should be adjusted to the current height of the youngest traveler.

Plan your route and stops

Make sure you think carefully about the route – it is also important for safety. Too many hours behind the wheel is a straightforward way to losing concentration, which can be fatal. When preparing for your trip, have planned parking spaces. If it is possible – also agree on an exchange on the route with the other driver. If you do not know how to plan a trip abroad by car, read our article.

Always have telephones at hand

Make sure that in case of any problems or loss during the trip, the child can call you – if they have their own phone, check if they can easily dial your number, and if it is one of the contacts that can be quickly found if necessary. You can also give your baby a bracelet with all important information on it. If your child moves too far, any adult asked for help will be able to contact you easily.

Take care of your health and proper body position while driving

Taking care of your health is the basis of travel safety. Remember to avoid both colds and overheating of the body. Use air conditioning in moderation, and don’t forget to bring warmer clothes if you plan to stop later in the evening. Also, take care of the correct posture during the journey – take not only a car seat, but also a footrest for the car. Thanks to this, you will be sure of comfort, proper support for the child’s feet and proper positioning of his body.

By sticking to these few simple tips you can make your vacation safe. Remember – check the car, invest in a high-quality approved seat and car footrest for a child, take care of a travel first aid kit. After that, it only remains to enjoy the journey and the time spent on vacation!

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